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Want to do you best at an interview? See below the links to professional advice and local services who can help you overcome any worries to boost your confidence.
This website is for people living in Scotland, but it is a user friendly with good advice.It also has an interview tool to check how prepared you are.

Remploy: All about Interviews
This provides specific information related to preparing for a job interview and then what happens after. It includes a list of words that might be used to requesting the service do a mock interview with you.

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Film: Job Interview body language
This comedy film gets across all the main things you need to consider about your body language and appearance for a job interview. It's on You Tube, so you can add subtitles. It's been made by The MIX, which is great online advice service for the under 25's.

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Here you will find a wealth of hints and tips, from overcoming your worries about what to wear to preparing for academic interviews.

Prospects provide a clear list of what people want to know and how to prepare for an interview. As many jobs revolve around technology and working from home, it also gives you hints and tips on SKYPE interviews.

This straight forward short film explains the main things you need to do, to prepare for a job interview. Its been filmed without too many layers, making it accessible for those with hearing impairments, and you can add subtitles.

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